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Hypomnemas from Melancholy Memory for piano, video and 5.1 sound (2017)

The Hypømnema is a strategy of audiovisual production. It proposes the composition of a sound piece built from the act of remembrance, subjected to its subsequent translation into images by a visual artist. Through the production and research processes, the implication of the individual and collective perceptual phenomenon was explored. In which the following questions were made: How do we perceive image and sound? is it possible to prioritize one of our senses? How can a sound stimulus be translated into a visual object?

Hypømnema no.1 Visuals by Jihee Choe

Hypømnema no.2 Visuals by Khalid Imran

Hypømnema no.3 Visuals by Juuso Kuivila & Víctor Hugo Chamorro

Hypømnema no.4 Visuals by Maxime Michaud
5.1 Mix by Aldo Domínguez


The Hypømnema Series was first shown at the International Art Collaborations Exhibit "Turmoil" at the Osaka University of Arts, in May 2017. The Hypømnema no.2 was also screened at "ESPACIO ENTER" Festival in Tenerife, Canary Islands in August 2017. The live set took place at the Conservatory of Music of the State of Mexico in Toluca de Lerdo, November 2017.

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