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A wake window is the period of time a baby or toddler can stay awake between sleep cycles.
The form and the electronics for this piece were composed in proportion to my daughter’s wake windows schedule. In this setting, performers react to her voice and movement, following color-cued sound waves as guidance for their improvisation.

Commission for the PRISMS Festival, Arizona State University, 2022.
Premiered on November 2022 by the Arizona Contemporary Music Ensemble. Directed by Simone Mancuso.

A wake Escenarios is an audiovisual score for solo instruments and electronic media that consists of ten pictorial scores based on the abstraction of landscape photography.
The paintings are not intended to be strict rules for representation. They convey a visual impression of the sound and a guideline for improvisation.

Premiered on March 4, 2022. by Valentin Bogdan (piano) at Mississippi University for Women.

The Hypømnema is a strategy of audiovisual production. It proposes the composition of a sound piece built from the act of remembrance, subjected to its subsequent translation into images by a visual artist. Through the production and research processes, the implication of the individual and collective perceptual phenomenon was explored. In which the following questions were made: How do we perceive image and sound? is it possible to prioritize one of our senses? How can a sound stimulus be translated into a visual object?

Hypømnema no.1 Visuals by Jihee Choe

Hypømnema no.2 Visuals by Khalid Imran

Hypømnema no.3 Visuals by Juuso Kuivila & Víctor Hugo Chamorro

Hypømnema no.4 Visuals by Maxime Michaud
5.1 Mix by Aldo Domínguez


The Hypømnema Series was first shown at the International Art Collaborations Exhibit "Turmoil" at the Osaka University of Arts, in May 2017. The Hypømnema no.2 was also screened at "ESPACIO ENTER" Festival in Tenerife, Canary Islands in August 2017. The live set took place at the Conservatory of Music of the State of Mexico in Toluca de Lerdo, November 2017.

Movements of a Remnant is a visual music work created from simple structural sequences that generate and modify audiovisual elements from a single 'abstract' source. The raw material used for the structures comes from the personal medical file of the composer, which includes various records of fetal monitoring during pregnancy and childbirth as the data source that feeds the dynamics of audiovisual interaction.

* 2022 Kathleen Mykytyn Distinguished Composition Award (2nd Place)
*NodoCCS: International Videoart Festival 2022 ı El Raise Galería, Caracas, (VZ)

Figuration of a Specific Sensation is an experimental video of Satie's Gnossienne no.1. performed on an old piano.

A track made with my daughter's heartbeat, breath, and some synths.

Produced during the Covid-19 lockdown, the piece is shown as a guided tour of an apparently uninhabited apartment, in which the characters are introduced through their belongings. The concept of the video is based on a study of re-identification with our own space; making a record of the actions, the personal objects and living beings that shape a sort of ecology of daily living, and with whom we have affective relationships.

Video: Antonio Lomelí

Music: Sofía Matus

* "Creatividad Emergente" Award. Government of the State of Mexico.

Hunted Sounds is a project from the International Art Collaborations Network (Fall 2015)
Music: Sofía Matus Cancino, Sid Wolffang Tangerine

Sounds provided by: Khalid Imran, Juuso Kuvilla

TAMK(Finland) & OCAD(Canada)
Shown in Dec 2015 at the Kutzquartier Bethanien, Berlin Germany.

"Dunas", is the first technical draft of the later project "Movements of a Remnant".

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